Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

2 Uninterested Spotteds

 Today was an “extra” trip, not the start of the dolphin week. We had a great group of passengers who were on the boat just for today. That always adds a little extra pressure for our boat crew to hopefully find dolphins. We did find a group of 2-3 spotteds at 18:16, but they were not interested in the boat. There were mackerel in the area, and although it did not exactly look like the dolphins were feeding, they did seem more interested in the fish than us. We observed this small group, which included #01, for about 15 minutes.
    Heading back to the dock at about 20:00, we thought we were done for the day. But, no, at 20:22, as the sun was setting, there was a group of over 15 bottlenose off the coast of the island. Passengers were let in the water for about 10 minutes, before it got too dark. Everyone got a good look at the bottlenose and was extremely pleased!
    So, no video data for us, but we did get two good sightings in today. Tomorrow starts the dolphin week!

Until next time,
Kel and Darcie