Slightly calmer seas with dolphins this time!

Bottlenose first, spotteds second, bottlenose third

  Things are ever so slightly calmer today, but still rougher than suggested by weather reports. At least today our mildly seasick passengers were able to get a glimpse of both bottlenose and spotted dolphins. We sighted a group of at least 12 bottlenose dolphins right before 1700, and the group scattered a bit, but stayed in view for about 40 minutes. Once we lost sight of this group, we went in search of spotteds and found them (or they found us) just before 1800. It was just an older animal and a calf (possibly mother and calf, but we couldn’t be sure) who stayed with us, while we were in the water, for nearly 20 minutes. We didn’t immediately recognize the older animal, so we’ll have to try to identify it while going over the still pictures at the end of this week, or beginning of next. We weren’t able to get video, however, because one of the buttons on the MVA wasn’t working- the record button. We are hoping that it is a simple problem that we will be able to fix before tomorrows trip.
We also saw, very briefly, a group of 7 bottlenose at about 1930. It was a nice last minute sighting to end the day….

Until later,
Kel and Darcie