A Rocky Last Day

    The conclusion of our first dolphin week has left us 7 for 7 in sightings and encounters–seeing dolphins 7 trips in a row is rare. We had a great group of passengers who were very interested in the dolphins and our research and even helped us with IDs! Our talk with passengers on Monday to introduce the research was very well received. We hope to continue such talks each week throughout the summer.
Our encounters this week were with adults, juveniles and calves, including some old friends such as White Blotch (#29–and may be pregnant??!!), Nemo (#76) and Swoosh (#36). We observed mating among the spotteds as well as between bottlenose dolphins and spotted juveniles on several trips. On Tuesday the dolphins were only mildly interested and seemed to be on the move, so our passengers were able to participate in “people tows.” They were slowly pulled behind the boat while holding onto a long rope. This allows the dolphins a view of people going a bit faster than our normal, clumsy swimming speed and the people an up-close and personal view of the dolphins.
On our last day, just as we were about to cut the trip short due to rough weather, dolphins showed up! There were 3 Class 5 (adults), 1 Class 4 (subadult) and 2 Class 2 (calves). These dolphins will hopefully be IDed when we go through this week’s data next week!

Until later,

K, K and D