The final dolphin trip of the season

Sea conditions were a bit rough today, but the dolphin trip went out anyway. We were greeted by a group of 9 bottlenose dolphins just outside the harbor. We recognized several of them by distinct markings on their dorsal fins. They were completely uninterested in us though, so after watching them from the boat for about ten minutes, we continued north in search of spotteds. Much to our dismay, however, they were no where to be found. But, on the way into the harbor, the same group of bottlenose was still hanging out, crater feeding. Some of the passengers got in the water for a closer look, but the sun was fading fast, so back to the dock we went.
    Tomorrow we will be going over yesterday’s video and cleaning and packing up the MVA1. We can’t believe the 2004 season is over!

    And it has been a great summer! Thanks so much to everyone on the Bimini Undersea staff, all of our guests and everyone else on the island who welcomed us so graciously yet again this summer. We have high hopes for the continued success of DCP here on Bimini!

Until next year,

Kathy DeStefano and Kelly Melillo