What? Dolphins?

  So, moving day went well (we’ll be staying with a friend for a few days) and the dolphin trip went even better! We were able to gather another 30 minutes of video data of some of our “regular” dolphins. In the group today were #14, #48 and her calf #77 and #56 and possibly her new calf! We hadn’t expected #56 to have another calf already, but it looks like it! There was also a bottlenose hanging out with the group. It was the first time we had a confirmed female bottlenose in the company of spotteds. Up until this point, it has always been males. Interesting….Sadly, she had a pretty nasty wound on her side, but she seemed to be doing okay.
    We’ll be taking care of last minute details in the next couple of days and are looking forward to another dolphin trip on Sunday!

Until then,