Packing Up

We woke up on the early side today to start some serious cleaning and taking care of last minute things. Tomorrow we will do our last batch of laundry and take care of things such as the phone and electricity bills.
    We then spent the afternoon with the fourth, fifth and sixth graders at the Gateway school. There were about twenty-five students, all of whom were very eager to hear about the dolphins that live in their backyard, learn about DCP’s research and ask a lot of great questions! And of course, the principal and teachers were also very enthusiastic. While we are disappointed that we did not make it to the third school here, we are hopeful that will happen next year and that this will be come a yearly thing. We now have an awful lot of under-13s in our fan club! It has been so great to walk around the island and have children recognize us, thank us and invite us back to their schools. We wish we could have done this sooner!
    And, the big news, there is a dolphin trip tomorrow! Yay!

Until then.