A Very Busy Day

Today was our first experience as guest teachers on Bimini. We spoke to over 60 students at the local Catholic school. Things were a little chaotic as it was “fun day,” but we were welcomed by teachers and students alike. We spoke through a video of dolphin behaviors, gave some students the opportunity to pick up the MVA1 and of course answered a lot of questions! It was nice to “give back” to the island, as Bimini and its residents have given us so much during our stay.
    And of course, there is yet another hurricane threatening the island. The boats are back in the mangroves of the south island, the windows are fully boarded and we have extra supplies of drinking water. Doesn’t this all sound familiar? The winds are already picking up and the storm should be here tomorrow. We do not know what to expect in terms of phone service through and after the storm, but we will be posting updates again as soon as we can! Wish us luck!

Until next time,