They tell us it is hurricane season

    Frances finally left us, but now the radar screens tell us that Hurricane Ivan may be on his way. Although it is too early to tell if it will hit Bimini, it is more serious than Frances because it would come from the southwest, rather than the east as Frances did. This means that the hurricane would travel across very deep waters before hitting the island—a very dangerous scenario. Frances, came from the south east, which meant it had to travel through the shallow waters surrounding the rest of the Bahamas before reaching Bimini as a much calmer storm.
    So, the boats are back in the mangroves and we have an evacuation plan in place should we need it. We of course have the other areas of the Caribbean and Florida in our thoughts, as the third hurricane prepares to come their way.
    If Ivan does come any closer, it looks like this coming dolphin week will also be cancelled. Hopefully that will be rescheduled, but we will keep you updated.
    In an effort to stay productive, we went around to the three schools on the island to discuss the possibility of going in and talking with students about the dolphins that live, essentially, in their backyard! All three principals were very receptive to the idea and we hope to iron out details at the end of next week.

Until next time,

Kathy and Kelly