Ever been swimming in mangroves?

Well, today the forecast looks like Hurricane Frances will definitely be quite close to the island. So, it was back to South Bimini’s secluded mangroves to be sure the boats were tied down securely. The ropes extend from the boat and must be secured around the thickest trunk possible. But, the only way to do this is to put on a wetsuit and water shoes and hop in! Mangrove water is nothing like you see in the travel brochures for the Bahamas, that’s for sure! But, we helped out as best we can, and the dive staff seems confident that the boats will be safe.
    Then it was time to board up. Our landlord boarded our apartment windows this morning and we helped with the dive shop. The island takes on a whole different look with plywood windows…And from the inside it feels like we are living in a cave!
    So, please hope for the best for us! We certainly are….And we’ll be in touch again after lovely Frances moves on!

Until then,