A Lady Named Frances…

It’s a good thing there are no dolphin trips scheduled for the weekend, because, well, they’d be cancelled anyway. The island is currently keeping all eyes on Hurricane Frances. We are not sure who invited her for Labor Day weekend, but we hope she decides not to come! However, just to be safe, we spent the day helping Bimini Undersea and ourselves get ready. This involved cleaning the boats, safely storing boat and scuba gear and bagging all merchandise in the dive shop. The boats were then driven to South Bimini, which is made up of mainly mangroves. Throughout the mangroves, there are sheltered canals, which provide well protected areas to leave the dive and dolphin boats. We also made sure to have extra drinking water delivered to the house.
    In between this, we did our phone calls to Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration. As always, folks had excellent questions for us. We have been very happy with how the program has grown this summer.
    Tomorrow brings more hurricane prep. We’ll let you know how it goes!