Dolphins Do Exist

Today’s trip included a group of 14 plus dolphins. About eight of these really stuck around the boat, but they were consistently on the move, so we were unable to get any underwater footage–at the beginning. We did recognize #5, #15, #17 and possibly #16. Kathy got a glimpse of #5 underwater and observed an injury to its left-lower jaw and there appeared to be some sort of fungus growing on the area. The group was seen mating and feeding while it traveled south.
    Later in the day, were able to get in the water with another group of spotteds. They stuck around for about ten minutes and we are hoping to get some good IDs off the video. So far, we are pretty sure that #24 was there. Kathy’s parents really enjoyed seeing us in action and were able to witness some great dolphin-human interactions.
    There is another lull in boat time, but we are hoping some dolphin trips materialize.

Until later,

Kathy and Kelly