Back in the ‘dolphin grounds.’

Most of today’s group will be on the boat tomorrow and Saturday as well. It was our 36th trip of this season and we saw spotted dolphin groups three times today. Our first sighting was of 2 spotteds and also resulted in a ten minute encounter. We didn’t know any of the individuals, but we may be able to make some IDs once we go over the video. Later in the day, we saw a group of 7 spotted dolphins who appeared to be mating, but we were unable to get in the water. We did however, recognize dolphin #75, as well as another adult, who although we have been unable to confirm an ID #, we do see quite frequently. We had to leave these dolphins because it was getting dark, but we soon came upon another group of 5 dolphins, 2 adults and 3 calves. Again, we couldn’t stay with the dolphins long because it was almost eight o’clock at night and the sun was setting. But, it was a nice end to a nice day on the boat.
    On the boat again tomorrow!

Until then,