A Break from Dolphins…

  This weekend was spent completely off the boat, but it gave us time to do some other things. We had our usual Saturday and Sunday phone calls to the aquarium–all of which went very well. We also did today’s phone call (Monday) in a swap with Kathleen.
    Then there have been video logs and IDs. We’ve also been helping with a display in Bimini Undersea’s dive shop. This is to showcase White Blotch’s new calf as well as introduce patrons to DCP’s three newly named dolphins! We now call #9 “Finn”, #10 “Romeo” and #35 “Lil’ Jess.” All wonderful names! Our thanks to these DCP supporters. School resumes in a couple of weeks, so we are planning on talking with local school officials to plan some visits/presentations to various classrooms on the island. We are hoping it materializes.
    The next dolphin trip is this coming Thursday.

Until then,

Kathy and Kelly