OLD dolphins!

   On Wednesday, we saw large splashes in the distance and upon investigation, we found a group of approximately 15 spotted dolphins. This group included 2 young dolphins (one unID C2 and #78) and the rest were adults (incl. #4 and possibly #11). Once in the water, Kelly saw that one of the adults had to have been the oldest dolphin she’d ever seen! It had so many spots on it, it was a little overwhelming. We can’t wait to see how the video came out.
    The group of dolphins was not terribly interested in us silly humans and we only got quick glimpses underwater here and there. They appeared to be mating while moving south.
    On Thursday, everyone was feeling a bit tired from the long week, but we searched for dolphins with as much enthusiasm as ever! Unfortunately, we were not rewarded and the boat trip included no dolphin sightings. But, no worries, because it was still a great week for finding dolphins! We will miss our wonderful passengers, but are looking forward to two weeks off the boat (aside from a long weekend of trips in the middle–so we don’t get rusty!). We’ll be using the time to catch up on data and other things that have been put aside a bit.

Until next time,