It’s a Girl!

 We were of course sad to see Justin off this morning, but the staff and locals here can now return to calling us the “dolphin girls.” We are also ecstatic to announce that the calf seen last week is in fact White Blotch’s (#29) and is a girl! We were again lucky enough to get some close looks at the little one and we estimate that she is 3 weeks to a month old. It has been so incredible to see such a young dolphin. She hardly seems real! It is also an honor to have a mother bring such a young calf to the boat. White Blotch had also done this with her calf from 2002. We believe that calf died however, because we stopped seeing it with White Blotch in 2003 and calves generally stay with their mother for 3-5 years. Thus, it was double-y exciting to have seen her pregnant again and now to see her new healthy baby girl! We also saw #1 and #43 as well as some other uncataloged regulars. Perhaps there will be some additions soon!
    Tomorrow is our weekly dolphin presentation and we are sure it will go wonderfully!

Until then,

Kathy and Kelly