Justin’s last dolphin trip!

    Of course, as you all know by now, Sundays mean a new group of passengers, eager to see and swim with dolphins. This week, folks came from New Hampshire, New York, Colorado, New Mexico and England¡Xand what a great group they were! Many of the passengers were return guests and the first-timers really enjoyed themselves. On Sunday¡¦s trip (Justin¡¦s last ƒ¼ ) we saw a group of 7 spotteds and were able to get in the water for a bit! Among the group were Lil¡¦ Jess (newly named #35!) and Swoosh (#36). A great start to the week!
    We¡¦ll be spending at least a portion of this week on ¡§Island Style¡¨ another local dive boat. This is all while ¡§Destiny,¡¨ Bimini Undersea¡¦s dolphin boat is being repaired.
We will be very sad to see Justin go tomorrow, but his time here has been very productive and enjoyable. DCP looks forward to our continued relationship and wishes him the best of luck as he begins graduate work at Trinity in Dublin.

Until later,

Kathy, Kelly and Justin