Settling in again

Getting the apartment set up and waiting for dolphins

Well, we've arrived and finally have internet access! We got here on Monday night and have spent the past few days reacquainting ourselves with the island and all our friends from last year. It's great to be back and I think we're finally settled in and have everything we need – except propane for our stove but that should be coming today (maybe, we are on island time afterall).

Wednesday was spent reassembling the MVA1 camera and making sure everything was working properly. We'll take her for a test run today. We tested out the housing for the digital still camera and hope to be able to iron out some problems we had with it before the potential dolphin trip today. There are only 5 people signed up to go out this afternoon and normally there is a required minimum of six, but we're hoping they'll make an exception. We're itching to get back out on the water.

To kill time until dolphin trips we've been refreshing our memories on IDs and talking to people who have been out with the dolphins and the folks at Bimini Undersea about who's been around lately and any new IDs they've seen out there so we know what to expect. Hopefully we'll see for ourselves today.

We'll keep you posted!
Kelly and Kathy