Adventures at Sea

On Wednesday we didn’t see dolphins until 19:37 (we left the dock at 15:20). It was a mixed age and species group and included Hook (#57). We were only able to get into the water for a short encounter (< 3 minutes). There was leaping in the distance and the occasional bow ride. Then it was back to the dock.
    Today, our final trip of the week, we saw dolphins just 50 minutes into the boat trip. There were two different groups of spotteds hanging around and we got a “swim-by” from 3 bottlenose. The cataloged animals present included #s 9, 10, 14, 15, 22, 69, and 76, as well as the calf with the rash and an unID Class 5. We were able to get both MVA1 footage and stills to add to the catalog. This early sighting would prove to be quite lucky, as we discovered some significant boat trouble after leaving the dolphins. Our crew decided it would be best to stop for an extended snorkel break while we waited for another boat to tow us home! Adventurer, Bimini Undersea’s other boat, came to our rescue and the crew of both boats got us home–on time and safely.
    Tomorrow is a day completely “dolphin free” and we are looking forward to the chance to rest. Saturday we won’t be out on the boat, just phone calls and data. Then Sunday, another dolphin week!

Until then,

Kathy, Kelly and Justin