Some regulars return for this week

    This week’s group is very excited about the days ahead–which makes us excited too! Today they arrived and we met as a group prior to boat departure to go over introductions, history, expectations and boat safety. Then, we were off! About two hours into the trip, we saw splashes in the distance and found a group of 8 spotteds. A mixed age group, they seemed to be traveling, but did let us in the water for a few minutes. We began to head back a bit later because the weather northwest of us seemed quite threatening. Then, we had a nice surprise when a group of 6 or so dolphins came for a 7 minute bow ride! Although it is sometimes difficult to make IDs from the bow, it is always a very interesting thing to watch. After they left, we neared the island and thought for sure that was all the dolphins we were going to see for the day. But, no! Nemo (#76) and #14 surprised us with an end of the night bow ride! It was great and the passengers really enjoyed it.
    Tomorrow, we have our talk, which we have made some edits to. We are sure it will go over well, based on the enthusiasm of this group. More dolphin trips until Thursday–maybe even a morning trip or two. We’ll let you know!

-K, K and J