Double Duty

Yesterday we did our weekly dolphin discussion with our passengers. Again, we were pleased to see the interest people have in the dolphins and DCP’s research. Folks asked great questions and really seemed to enjoy “meeting” the individual dolphins in our catalog and discovery different ways to identify each of them. Out on the boat in the afternoon we were able to see some spotted dolphins, but they seemed to be traveling, so we were only able to get in the water briefly. We were able to recognize “Underbite” (#35), Swoosh (#36), #57 and #77.
Due to the unfortunate cancellation of a local live aboard dolphin ecotour company’s trip, the next three days we will have both morning and afternoon trips, in an effort to give those tourists a chance to see the dolphins. This morning (Tuesday), our first morning trip of the season, the weather was looking a bit threatening, but the boat went out anyway. We stopped for a quick snorkel break and later saw 2 bottlenose dolphins. These dolphins were not interested in the boat and appeared to be from deeper water. Still always a thrill to be them!
The weather did not cooperate with us this afternoon though, and our trip was cancelled. It is not looking like it will clear up that soon, but this is the Bahamas and you never know what the weather is going to do!

Until next time,
Kelly, Kathy and Justin