Another Dolphin Week Begins

Sunday afternoon was spent doing “meet and greets” and getting to know this week’s passengers. This week is a great family week- one family from England, one from Florida, a couple from Tokyo (who have been swimming with the Mikura dolphins!!) and then some passengers from up North. Today was the season’s 15 trip and we first saw a group of 16 bottlenose dolphins soon out of the harbor. As usual, they were not nearly as interested in us as the spotted usually are, but they did let our passengers in the water to take a peek at them. It was a group of mixed ages, which was nice because we rarely see bottlenose calves. Later in the trip, the spotteds gave us a very brief sighting. No IDs were able to be made.
    We are looking forward to the week! As always, we’ll keep you updated.

Until then,
Kathy, Kelly and Justin