Dolphin Encounters Data

Despite our eagerness to get out on the water, there were no dolphin trips this week. So, we spent the week introducing Justin to the exciting world of video logging as we were able to complete all 4.5 hours of footage from Dolphin Encounters in Nassau. It was a bit different from logging the wild footage–sometimes a bit easier since there was never more than 5 dolphins in any given pool session, compared to the sometimes 20 animals here in Bimini. The water is also shallower at DE, making for easier filming, but the water clarity is not as good as Bimini, so dolphins go out of view within a much shorter range. We will be sending the 5 MVA1 tapes, their logs, photo-ID pictures and sketches back to Mystic in August, when Justin returns to the states.
    We have also been working through some technical difficulties with the phone link to Mystic, but things seem to have been sorted out again. We’ve picked up the morning calls, as Kathleen is in the midst of returning to the states. So far, so good!
    We are very excited for tomorrow, which begins our next dolphin week. We’ll keep you updated!

Until then,
Kathy, Kelly and Justin