At our beautiful field site on Bimini, The Bahamas, the Dolphin Communication Project studies a group of wild Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) that frequent the clear blue waters of the island. Using special underwater video and audio equipment, we have been able to identify and catalog many of the individuals comprising this group, learning much about group structure and dolphin social behavior. By adopting one of the Bimini dolphins, you will be helping to fund our non-profit research group's research, education, and conservation efforts that will directly benefit the Bimini dolphins. Hardcopy adoption kits (available to supporters in the US) cost just $35 for a full year and electronic adoption kits cost just $30 – either way, that's less than $3 a month! The perfect gift!

The Bimini Dolphins currently up for adoption!

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adopt a dolphin Frecklesadopt a dolphin Noodleadopt a dolphin Noodleadopt a dolphin Miloadopt a dolphin Prince Williamadopt a dolphin Tinaadopt a dolphin Speedyadopt a dolphin Lil Jessadopt a dolphin Timadopt a dolphin Swooshadopt a dolphin Leslieadopt a dolphin Romeoadopt a dolphin Julietteadopt a dolphin Nieceyadopt a dolphin Cerraadopt a dolphin Split Jawadopt a dolphin Stefranadopt a dolphin Busteradopt a dolphin Lumpy

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Top five reasons to adopt a dolphin from DCP


Adopting a wild dolphin with DCP helps to fund:

Want to visit your adopted dolphin?

Why not join DCP on one of our Bimini ecotours where you'll get a chance to meet your adopted dolphin face-to-face in the wild!

When was your adopted dolphin last seen?

DCP research associates spot the dolphins from our Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin lineup regularly during our annual summer research field seasons. Check out DCP's Field Reports or follow DCP on Twitter to learn when your adopted dolphin was last spotted. (spotted, get it?) Wondering what happened to those dolphins "retired" from our Adopt-A-Dolphin lineup, like Cleo, Nemo, Finn, White Blotch, Vincent, Tilly, Trudy, Tootie, DeeBee, Lone Star, Addie, and JoAnne? Click here to find out.

Order a 5-pack of Dolphin Trading Cards

These professional quality trading cards feature images and facts about each of the wild dolphins available for adoption through our Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin program, as well as DCP researchers and 'fun fact' cards. More info here

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