Sharks vs Dolphins (KSA)

Another new Kids Science Activity (KSA) is ready! With this worksheet, students can use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast sharks and dolphins. The worksheet can be adapted to compare different dolphin species and a link to our recorded Dolphin Lesson webinar, Sharks vs Dolphins, is included.  

Dolphin-Tine’s Day!

Ready to add a dolphin splash to your Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered with our free dolphin-themed Valentine’s Day Cards. With four versions, you’ll surely find one you love:
Platonic, pre-colored
Platonic, self-color
Mildly romantic, pre-colored
Mildly romantic, self-color
Spread love, kindness, and dolphins!

DCP’s Winter Coloring Book

Maybe you’re inside on a frigid day. Maybe you’re waiting for a flight. Maybe you’re just in the mood for something quiet during all the holiday noise.

We’ve got you covered! Enjoy all of DCP’s winter coloring scenes in one handy PDF!
And yup! It’s Free!
Stayed tuned for the 2023 scene!

Fresh Matching Activity

In this new Kids Science Activity (KSA), learn about common vs scientific names as you have a go at matching not only the common name with the scientific – but also the meaning of each scientific name. Don’t worry, the answers are on page 2 (no peeking!).

New Dolphin Coloring Page

Thank you to Ranke for providing us a new, whimsical coloring page! The dolphin is the host-with-the-most as they entertain their ocean friends during the winter holidays. Download and share your copy today!
More free Kids Science Activities under the Knowledge Hub.