Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day!


Our evening was punctuated by rain squalls that did not really lessen in number or scope until about 7 AM. So, we did not have a data collection session at 6:30 AM but rather waited until mid-morning to catch a few sessions with dolphins in the back area pools while programs were ongoing in the lagoon. I was able to record 8 minutes with Han and Hector and get some really clear views of their sides. Hector does not present his right side to me, though.

The second session was with Maury, Fiona (pictured checking us out before entry), Margarita and Bailey. John got in at the same time and we both recorded for 30 min! Thankfully, he was their toy during this session and my fins remained mostly unscathed.

We also recorded another tandem create training session with Teri. It was very neat to watch (record) Marg and Bailey work together to create new behaviors.

Our afternoon was spent on data analysis – reviewing the videotapes from today and Monday. I also started the sketches for ID purposes.

The divers on our DCP RIMS 2011 team did the morning dive to visit the wreck “Odyssey”. Apparently, in the last couple of years it was tweaked on its sides by a few storms. This vessel lies in 110 feet (~32 m) of water, so you can imagine the strength of the storm! Bill was our diehard diver and did three dives today – the second two to different reefs.

Our evening finished off with a BBQ and a display of crab races and a fire dance.

Tomorrow will bring us another early morning data collection session … assuming the rains hold off and the visibility is good. We’ve lucked out so far and I hope it holds!


Kathleen & the DCP RIMS 2011 team