Ronnie’s squawks and lots of other social behavior

We conducted an hour data collection session Thursday morning that had great underwater visibility, socially interacting dolphins (mostly with each other and not my fins!), and both the MVA and DTag in use. We captured many click trains and even some burst pulses. The following link is a sample of a burst pulse series from Ronnie.


He had been investigating my fins and circle swimming around me. Then, he swam in front of me and looped back with the first 4 short bursts followed by the longer 3 calls. Each burst was accompanied by a bubble stream and after he was done he swam off. I’m not entirely sure he was vocalizing at me or maybe at some other dolphin that might have been behind me. Still, his calls made an impression!

All the dolphins swam by with the calves mostly playing with each other more often than hanging out with mom. Ken, French and Anthony were hanging around each other while Hector, Han and Dixon were in formation as they swam by me several times. All in all, we had a very good morning. The afternoon provided us an opportunity to share a bit more about our research with the training staff, and, to do a bit of video analysis.Our weather has been spectacular and the current has not been too exhausting.

Until tomorrow,