Sunday (10 May) – two more data collection sets, some neat dolphin behaviors

 Mr. French was the main individual poking and prodding me this morning. He even opened his mouth on my left arm. I was not paying attention to him, even then. Soon he lost interest in me as I was too boring. This is good as I prefer to have the dolphins ignore me so that I can record how they interact with each other. French had a few buddies … Anthony, Ken, Fiona, Ronnie, Bill, Marg … who helped crowd me and checked me out. 

Our DCP observer team did great and spent two sessions on the docks this morning. The second session was more sedate in terms of the dolphins’ interest in me. I was able to watch Anthony, Ken and Bill wrestle with one another and Fiona and Ronnie play around a bit as well.
We also began our review of the data tapes and confirmed some of the scars and marks on the individuals from the video. More data will be collected tomorrow, and our team gets their first encounter during which they get to meet the dolphins up close and personal.