A brief, strong downpour drenched the Key at 4:30 AM.

The squall promised to have stirred up the particulate likely leaving even less visibility.

The morning began early again, but with a bit of trepidation. Often the rain will cause the visibility to worsen. But, I was pleasantly surprised upon entry to have GREAT visibility – more than 7 meters with hardly any particulate. And, I entered to Cedena, Paya and Bailey near to me … with Ken not far away. I could get a full view of interactions and behavior without being right on top of the dolphins. It was a wonderful session.

I even was able to view Carmella’s calf nursing – the calf looks much more healthy than in its first week. It is also swimming more easily next to mom. We have not been able to get close enough to identify its sex, but maybe soon.

The mom’s and calves were swimming in echelon or in baby position and there was a bit of play between the calves when they were not right next to their moms. Anthony jawed at the camera and tumbled a bit with Bailey. There were whines, squawks and lots of whistles this morning. It was a cacophony of sound.

The later morning session lost some of the clarity and the dolphins’ attention was elsewhere. There was a dolphin dive that Hector and Ritchie were doing, with boats arriving and leaving the cay. The taxi boat came and went a couple of times, too. Still, I was able to document some of their activity – against a slightly increased current, but nothing horrendous.

I hope tomorrow brings visibility and activity on par with today.
Until then,