Travel and Arrival

My packing day became my travel day.

It was like coming home, felt very familiar. Bill was supposed to join me in San Pedro Sula for the final leg but was delayed one day. AKR had evacuated all guests because of Felix's original path. It turns out Felix had other plans and went south. So, I had the place to myself for the day and night!
I connected with Eldon late in the afternoon and joined the trainers for their 3:30 pm session. Mrs. Beasley and Carmella both have new calves! Mrs. B's calf is about a month old while Carmella's calf was born on Tuesay. Very tiny, the calf was a breach birth and still had a wobbly tail. Both calves bobbed at the surface like corks when they took a breath.
I learned that the group at Bailey's includes Mrs. B, Carmella and their calves, Alita, Anthony, Cedena, Bailey, Ken, Ritchie, Hector and Paya. Rita, Gracie, Fiona, Jack and Mr. French are over at Osgood Cay at the new facility. I'll visit there tomorrow with Teri.
It was a wonderful reconnect with folks and the dolphins!