Prepping gear and packing for Roatan

Travel for the 2006 RIMS season begins after my KOL live chat

It seems that this year, as we prepare for fieldwork, John and I have saved all the packing for the last minute. But, we actually finished stuffing all our camera housings, cameras and other gear into the two large cases and one soft bag before 3 pm! And, soon thereafter, all our carry on knapsacks (2) and briefcases (2) were also set. Even Umi had her “bags” packed and ready for her stay at my folks’ home. To Umi, this is like summer camp with people who will spoil her rotten!
The last item on the agenda was to complete a live KOL chat about dolphins from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. It was my first online chat session. My gosh, but the participants in this chat could type really fast! I was glad that there was an AOL/KOL host on the session to decipher the slang that the chatters used. It was fun to be able to share tidbits about dolphins with the participants.
Our evening finished at Umi’s summer camp. Now we wait for the early morning to visit and our trek to JFK and points much farther south. Till tomorrow,