Our team arrives for a week of research

Thunder, when relatively close (as in the bolt of lightning seems close enough to touch), can shake your bed. This is how our morning began, with a spectacular show that was louder than any rock concert. Our team arrived throughout the day beginning at about 1:30pm. So, the morning and early afternoon were for data collection. Primarily, we wanted to have Ronnie, then Gracie, wear the pec pacs with me and the MVA in the water. This worked out for about 5 minutes on each entry for Ronnie. That is, the enclosure here at RIMS is about the size of 2-3 soccer fields and the dolphins can build up speed. Ronnie and Gracie also seem to have figured out a way to ditch the pacs. Of course, having another dolphin charge you may be one cause for a speed swim! Still, they seem fine with me, the MVA and the pacs. One thing not realized is that the MOSART tags each weigh about 1 pound. This may not seem like a lot, and they are naturally buoyant, but it is added weight that the dolphins have not yet had on their pecs. Hopefully, it won’t be an issue. Additionally, only one of the 2 pacs sent actually has a girdle to house the tag. So, after consulting Christer- who said “do anything you need to modify the pac”- we will become “MacGuyvers” in the field. Till tomorrow, Kathleen P.S. Our team all arrived safe. Sandra and Matthias’ luggage did not make the flight but should be here tomorrow.