MOSART Sings Again

Or, rather, receives again, today

Gracie is not a fan of MOSART – the pec pac maybe. She’ll wear the pac and tag in the back pen, with Jack. But, she slips it off easily when in the main area with all the other dolphins around. Twice I had to retrieve it because she refused. Hmm…I wonder whose behavior is actually being modified?! So I did a half hour session after we played with MOSART for a while. The underwater visibility was still good. The wind was about 10-15 knots thus facilitating choppy water. What really got me was the current. I kicked hared to barely move while the dolphins effortlessly glided by me. I watched a ruckus between most of the dolphins. Paya and Esteban both went out for the dive – first time in 5 weeks. They were finished keeping an eye on the females who might be receptive. We tried the pec pac again in the afternoon but Gracie would have none of it…and my body refused the current. Tomorrow is my last day – assuming Hurricane Rita does not delay traffic as she seems to want to do. Cheers, Kathleen