90 minutes of data equals much snorkeling

Before I share my day with you, let me share a story. At the end of the day as I took the taxi boat to my room, I saw a young couple run, then embrace with glee. As we got closer I realized this was Sandra and Mattias – their bags (both of them) had arrived! What stories their luggage must have in them. Sandra and Mattias were near tears with joy. They can now dive with their own gear. Today was a day for social affection and sex, at least among the dolphins. The young males were rubbing on each other and chasing each other around the pen in the morning. Everyone had their breakfast and it was time for play. I spent an hour recording their behavior before noon. The visibility had notably improved and I felt greedy – I could see the dolphins at a distance (7-8 meters) and I could be more non-invasive. So I filled the tape up. Luckily, the dolphins, even Ronnie, paid little attention to me. The attention brought me a 30-minute recording period and the dolphins were more relaxed and seemingly restful. This was a great day – for everyone. It was more energy-filled but logging data in the later afternoon gave my muscles a break. Till tomorrow, Kathleen