Jaw claps prevail

Hector was in a bad mood this morning

The underwater visibility was great, even considering a night of rain. The group was very social: there was much rubbing, speed swims, and chasing going on by the younger dolphins. For the first 10 minutes, Ronnie, Mika, and Maury seemed to delight, yet again, in pushing on my arms, the array, and my fins. Hardly the lack of interest I was hoping for, though soon they returned their atention to the other dolphins.

It seemed that Mika and Hector were at odds, and he repeatedly jaw clapped at her. On several occasions, Mika used me as a shield from Hector! I knew she was behind me and so did Hector. I recorded MANY jaw claps… and kept reminding myself that they were (I truly hoped) not directed at me. A good hour long session with much social activity was had today.

Till tomorrow,