Their smile can be mischievous

Socializing and play with object was today's game

I was in the water for 2 half-hour sessions: before noon and after noon. The group was very vocal (mostly whistles, buzzes, and clicks) in the morning, but relatively quiet during the second session. I saw Mrs. Beasly and Mr. French with Alita and Fiona swimming together during both sessions.

It was sometimes difficult to focus on the adults for any length of time because the 'kids' were very curious and rambunctious. Ronnie seemed to think I'd become his personal toy. He pushed me with his rostrum – on my elbow, hip, or shoulder. He tapped the hydrophone boxes repeatedly, as did Mika and Maury. At one point, Ronnie also put his Rostrum on the array's face plate. It's hard to study behavioral interaction when all you can see is an eye or a mouth!!

I'm hoping tomorrow shows me to be less interesting to the dolphins!!