Hurray … dolphins and data.

Got back out to sea today and under it.

The morning was spent preparing gear … last minute checks and being sure the batteries are charged or fresh. And, reviewing ID sketches from previous trips. I was thrilled at the prospect of getting back in and on the water after ~4 days of no data collection. And the dolphins seemed to welcome us all. There were 7 passengers and two other researchers besides me on this trip. We saw a few mother/calf pairs and some juveniles. The dolphins were mostly resting and not too interested in us; although, one or two young dolphins were inquisitive and would approach, echolocate on us, and mimic or circle around us. The last two groups that we observed were more social. They were playful with each other and I documented much rubbing, a few chases and open jaw displays as well as some loud buzz-type click trains and pop sounds. The last group included 5 young males that were quite rambunctious and social with one another. As well as chasing and catching flying fish upside down at the surface! We also saw a few turtles today … the dolphins don't seem too interested in them this year. In fact, it is almost the opposite with the turtles I've seen actually swimming towards and among the dolphins! A good day on the water … and more video to analyze this winter. Cheers Kathleen