Hectic few days

More great trips!

 Dolphin Calf
Kathleen, John and Sally (a teacher from the Pine Point School) arrived on Mikura on the 25th for a short visit. We had two boat trips yesterday and one today! Things have been hectic! I haven’t had much time to put together a field report, so here goes. Here are the highlights from the past few days:

I have awesome video of Shimibaa (#057) and her new calf! I’ve stuck a couple of pictures of this little cutie in this report.

#145 (Y-chan) has had her very first calf! Kathleen asked me while we were on the boat this morning if Y-chan had had a calf yet; I said that she hadn’t yet. Later that afternoon Nana-chan (the ID specialists) stopped by to say that she had seen Y-chan with a brand new calf that morning! How about that – I think Kathleen has some sort of dolphin intuition and somehow sensed that Y-chan had become a mother. Dolphin Calf We also watched some video that Nana had taken of the dolphins in the afternoon. At one point, a small group of dolphins were hovering below nana looking very agitated. They were blowing bubble clouds at her and opening their jaws and generally looking very annoyed. Before long, the camera panned up, and a little flying fish came into view! The flying fish has sought refuge from the dolphins by swimming around the humans in the water! He was sticking very close to Nana-chan’s head, trying to shield himself from the dolphins who were doing their best to figure out a way around the humans to get at the fish. They spent over 5 minutes trying to squeeze past Nana, but the little flying fish was too fast for them. In the end they swam off and the fish managed to flee in the opposite direction. Amazing video and very funny!

We have another boat trip lined up for tomorrow! That will be trip # 39 – I will break 40 soon!

Bye for now!