The annual Mikura Quiz!

OK dear readers, time to exercise that gray-matter! I had another boat trip this morning – very calm conditions! But all of the dolphins we came across were resting – gliding along the bottom way off in the distance and avoiding the passengers (and camera). Still, any day out on the water is a good day! Well with little exciting news to share, I have decided to create this year’s Mikura Field Season Quiz. Here are your questions:

1)    Name 2 typical differences between ‘dolphins’ and ‘porpoises’.
2)    What is the name of the volcanic island not far from Mikura-jima that erupted just a few years ago, causing the evacuation of the entire island?
3)    What is the Japanese word for ‘dolphin’?
4)    Where is the ‘melon’ located on a dolphin’s body?
5)    What is the name of Kathleen Dudzinski’s dog?

If you think you know all of the answers, conact me . NOTE: Quiz no longer open.

I will determine the winner 48 hours after posting the contest! What will the winner get? How about this: the next time I am on a boat trip, I will shout your name to the dolphins (underwater – through the snorkel) and send you the picture of their reaction! Fantastic! Your very own picture of a wild Indo Pacific bottlenose dolphin reacting to your name! Will they register shock? Indifference? Joy? Let’s find out! Good luck with the quiz!