Worst water conditions EVER!

Ferry cancelled, dolphin boats cancelled, everything cancelled

 giant mikura spider IMAGE: A picture of Henk the giant spider who lives in our bathroom

It had to happen eventually – the weather finally turned nasty. Wind wind and more wind. The water was way too rough for any boating activity, so everyone stayed indoors. This gave me the chance to tackle the mountain of video logs that have been piling up. Again, not glamorous, but very much needed. I also squeezed in an evening of badminton. Good stuff!

But allow me to take a second to tell you about the insects here on this lovely island in the pacific. I consider Mikura a cross between the Galapagos, and Jurassic Park. For some reason even the most innocent of insect species is able to grow to enormous and terrifying proportions. I was chasing what I though was a cockroach around the other night, and it turned out to be a cricket. A cricket so large that it would have made a considerably large evening meal (if you are in to that sort of thing). I also fond a real cockroach just the other day – equivalent in size to a newborn Boston Terrier.

There is a guy who works at the post office who is a bit of a bug nut. Just the other night, Kogi and I were standing in the hallway when we heard this strange scratching sound. It was coming from one of the pieces of mail lying on the table. When he opened it up, an enormous insect with giant antennae burst forth and we ran around the house trying to catch it. The post office guy apparently thinks it is great fun to send Kogi insects in the mail. Giant insect of course, since that is the only kind they have on this island… OK, sorry for the random insect story – I think the video logs have melted my brain…..