Today, the rain actually HURT!

Choppy and nasty – our boat trip is cut short

IMAGE: My housemate Kogi demonstrating a variation on the traditional Japanese ‘sashimi’ style of eating squid

 raw squid After two days of hugely successful boat trips, I should have known that my luck was about to run out. I woke up to serious rain this morning – a constant downpour. I assumed that there was no way anyone would be going out in this weather. But we still managed to find a trip! The real diehards were out today. If you combine hard rain and a boat moving at just a few miles an hour, you get a phenomenon which I call “Angry Face Rain” whereby the rain attacks your face horizontally and actually HURTS when it hits you. We managed to see a group of dolphins, and even got in the water once – obtaining just a few seconds of video. After this, we headed straight back to port – the weather was getting worse and worse. Black clouds were moving in and the water was really choppy. And of course the Angry Face Rain did not help the situation. But still I enjoyed it – I always like bad weather for some reason.

So the above picture of Kogi and the squid was taken 2 days ago. A very special day. That was the day that the squid came to town. A great herd of squid (I’m not sure if a group of squid is called a herd, but I like the sound of it) was spotted swimming in the harbor. Nearly everyone in town arrived within a few minutes with fishing poles in hand. They spent the rest of the evening hauling in squid after squid. Good eatin’ for sure! Our freezer now consists of 90% squid and our whole house smelled like squid for days. If you like squid, Mikura is the place to be! I invite all squid lovers to head on over to our place and Kogi will “cook” you up a nice juicy squid for dinner. Bon appetite!