More dolphins – socializing and playing

One large group split into several subgroups this afternoon.

We probably saw about 30-40 individual dolphins today. They were in one large group spread between Subarune and Ebiiso and exhibited much splitting and joining in subgroup membership. One of the groups included about 15+ sub-adult males that were socializing. They were rubbing each other with their bodies and pectoral fins. There were erections and there were loud sounds – squawks and pops mostly. We were able to observe their 'rubbing ball' for a couple of entries.

We also saw a few subgroups that included adult females and their juveniles or calves. Sankaku and Maekake were here and seen primarily from above the surface of the water. Remember they have very distinct dorsal fins.

Twice after I entered the water, a juvenile (maybe #502) and one of this year's calves swam directly at me and then buzzed me and did a quick circle swim. They were very excited and bubbly in their swimming motions. I laughed through my snorkel and the sound seemed to incite them to add an extra quick pass by me before following the adults out of view. The adults were too far for me to be able to determine to whom the infant belonged but it was likely born in late April or early may because of its size.

Till tomorrow,