A Busy Weekend!

Two workshops separated by ~3 hours of driving.

There were more than two dozen children participating in our environmental workshops at both sites. We built dolphins out of plastic bags, talked about photo-identification of individual dolphins and shared a bit more about DCP's research into behavior and communication among dolphins.

Each workshop began with an ice-breaker game to get the kids into the program. The first was something like our 'Simon says' and a jumping game. This really got the energy as well as the smiles and giggles flowing. The children had neat questions about dolphins and the ocean and just had fun. Their blow-up dolphins were really cool. (I'll try to attach a photo to show you.)

The members of 'bridge' (the group that sponsored the workshops) had previously created a life-sized plastic blue whale! At the close of each workshop, the children helped us inflate the whale to get an idea of it's size and length. Just amazing!

In close for today, we have to wait till tomorrow to ride the ferry to Mikura. The ferry does not run on Monday evenings. Also, the weather is a bit windy and stormy. So, my next post will hopefully be from Mikura.