Happy July!

It's hard to believe I have only 18 days remaining for data collection this summer.

The wind has increased significantly and now it looks like typhoon seas from the port. That is, rather than just the swell, we have a sea covered in white water. The ferry was canceled yesterday, did not come today and will not come tomorrow, nor likely Saturday. Miyakejima is ~18 km to our north and could be seen clearly today. In fact, we could see the waves crashing along the shore of Miyake by the ever-changing lines of white at her base.

We will not get much (if any) rain however, as the typhoon is now moving away from us to the NE.

Something new will be occurring between Mikura and Bimini, The Bahamas and Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration (MAIFE) beginning this morning (EDT in the US). A new program called 'Dolphin Sense' will be premiering in MAIFE's Immersion Theater. The entire show is 30 min long but the video portion is 23 minutes. It was created by John Anderson and focuses on dolphins that we study here at Mikura and around Bimini Islands. (See our other ongoing Bahamas field reports.) Part of the program (two per day) includes a telephone chat with either me from Japan, or Kathy & Kelly & Darcie from Bimini. So, if you are local to the Mystic, Connecticut area and want to see some of the video of the dolphins that we study, come on by.