Overcast, gray and windy

My field reports seem more like weather reports lately.

The ferry arrived with tourists and the boats were full. I met up with a few people who had been dolphin watching/swimming. While the underwater visbility was great (>12 m), the sea conditions were not good and the dolphins not interested in hanging around the people or the boats. I guess I didn't miss much … still, I cannot help having wanted to be out there with them. Maybe tomorrow …

The rest of the day was spent with a little bit of analysis – summarizing the trip information to date. But, I also gave in the the sleepiness brought on by the overcast skies and took an hour long nap late in the afternoon. As a child, I remember disliking naps, but now as an adult, the well-timed nap can mean everything to a good day. 🙂

Till tomorrow,