Remembering Japanese

Interviews and sharing information

It was a long, loooonnnggg day. But, a good one. People are truly interested in anything related to dolphins. It is an honor to be able to share my research with folks. As I may have indicated earlier, DOLPHINS opens in Japan officially this week. And, I will introduce it at a theater in Tokyo (Takashimaya) and then the next day in Osaka. I will give a 10 min. presentation in Japanese (nihongo). Yes, I am a bit nervous because I feel that my nihongo is a bit rusty and not as fluent as I'd like. The day of interviews helped me remember many words, however. Dolphins opened for a few showings this past week because it was one of holidays. The first week of May is Golden Wek and represents three holidays in Japan. Most everyone has vacation time. Apparently this 'soft opening' (as it is called … each profession seems to have its own lingo or vocabulary) was well-received. I'll log on tomorrow night to let you know how my talk was received. And, then in two days, I leave for Mikura to resume my research on the dolphins there. I can hardly wait!! Cheers Kathleen