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Thank you to everyone who has been participating in our new webinar series, Dolphin Lessons and DCP Dives Deep into…Kathleen and Kel have enjoyed leading programs, but we also owe a big thank you to our guest presenters, Daisy Kaplan, PhD, Alexis Levengood, PhD, Annette Dempsey, Heather Hill, PhD, Teri Bolton, Nicole Danaher-Garcia, Justin Gregg, PhD…and the list is going to continue to grow! We’ve really enjoyed the live Q&A portion of these webinars, but we’re also thrilled to have each program recorded. Check out our webinars page (under the Education tab) or visit Dolphin Communication Project on YouTube. Remember to subscribe! Our upcoming webinar schedule in posted under the Education tab, via our email newsletter and on our Facebook…

Buy One, Give One

Want to say thank you to an essential worker? Send a pick-me-up to someone feeling down? For every $15* you spend supporting DCP, we'll send an Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin "e-kit" to someone of your choosing! Sound cool? Keep reading for more details: As many of you know, 2020 is the 20-year anniversary for DCP. During these difficult times, there are many things for which we are grateful, and we wouldn’t have reached 20 years without your support. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our spring field programs have been postponed until 2021. After some time to feel that frustration, we regrouped and are thrilled to have three brand new STEAM online programs: Kids Science Activities (downloadable for free) plus two webinar…

DCP Dives Deep into....Communication!

Free Webinar! Thursday 9 April 2020, 11:00 a.m. EDT  Meeting link: Brief Overview: Our name includes the topic! So, it makes sense that our first Dives Deep topic is on .... Dolphin Communication! This program is geared toward high school students and above, but all are welcome. To get the most out of this presentation, check out these resources beforehand: Listen to the communication segment of our podcast, The Dolphin Pod, episode 10. (  Read about DCP's data collection gadget, Kathleen's "mobile/video acoustic array" ( Both of these resources are available at no cost to you. Listen and read up, then bring your questions to a live presentation + Q&A session with DCP Director, Kathleen Dudzinski, PhD. New to DCP?…

Kids Science Activities

Our new webpage is live: Kids Science Activities. Found under the Education tab, this page is your source for free, downloadable, STEAM activities. Created with elementary students in mind, activities can be adjusted for younger or older students. Of course, everything is for the young at heart!

1st Webinar: Who is DCP?

New to DCP? Curious about who we are and what we do? Be like this bottlenose dolphin and backflip yourself to our first Zoom meeting for an introduction and short Q&A session. Ideal for 13+, but all ages welcome. 15 minutes presentation + 15 minutes for Q&A Thursday, April 2, 11:00 a.m. ET

Goliaths in The Stream (new film on Goliath Grouper)

You may wonder why you are seeing a blog post about a giant reef fish and what it has to do with dolphins.  Quite simply, the answer is “conservation”!  With all of our oceans in trouble, and the extinction of animal species hardly making news anymore, it becomes important for each one of us to help, or consider why we have not helped.  Whether it’s a common bottlenose dolphin or an endangered Goliath Grouper, we all have an obligation to tread lightly on our blue planet’s other inhabitants and treat them with care.  It’s not all about us. 30 years ago, Goliath Grouper were nearly extinct because of human’s over exploitation of the species.  Sound familiar?  It ought to.  It’s…

Episode 20 of The Dolphin Pod is ready!

In this special podcast episode celebrating 20 years of the Dolphin Communication Project, Laura and Justin interview Kelly Melillo-Sweeting, Bimini Research Manager and all-around awesome scientist. Kel explains the findings form her recently published article on laterality in bottlenose dolphins – that is, a preference that dolphins seem to have for the right side of their bodies when hunting for prey in the sand. Just before dolphins stick their heads in the sand to grab hidden prey, they almost always twist to the left, maybe allowing them to use their right eye (i.e., their preferred eye) to give the ocean floor one last look before plunging their faces into it. Or maybe it’s because dolphin echolocation works best on the…
Friday the 13th!! Dolphins and more dolphins!
14 Mar 2020

Friday the 13th!! Dolphins and more dolphins!

Our last day began bright and sunny! We had a good session with the dolphins though they were more into their own thing today. There was much less surface activity but there was some neat underwater action. Elli spent quite a bit of time playing with a small bit of seaweed – mouthing it and hiding it from other dolphins. The “boys” (Lenca, Champ, Tank & Stan) and Dory hogged camera time this morning! They were not as interested in Kathleen’s fins but seemed to be interacting in front of the camera and pushing each other out of view! There was a lot of very “up close” footage this morning. We also were able to conduct two create data collection…
Calm Seas and Great Underwater Vis!
13 Mar 2020

Calm Seas and Great Underwater Vis!

We woke to a calmed sea and a quiet morning. The early morning data collection session included lots of surface activity – tail slaps and rolling socializing by several dolphins. The underwater visibility was spectacular! The dolphins were quite social and early in the session, it looked like 4 or 5 dolphins were doing something odd under a platform but it turned out they had a new game! A couple of them exhaled bubbles under the platform and the others moved them around under it! They seemed to have lots of fun! Kathleen was able to get several minutes of video of French and Champ today … they’ve been mostly into their own thing earlier this week. And, we watched…
A Dolphin Filled Day!!
11 Mar 2020

A Dolphin Filled Day!!

Our day began with a show from both the sun and the moon! And that meant no rain! And, the underwater visibility was superb! All these factors, plus socializing dolphins, led to a 50-minute early morning data collection session! There were lots of tail slaps (regular and belly up positions!) and several fast swims and chases observed at the surface. Champ was hanging out with French except when he and Lenca zoomed in front of the MVA! Ronnie and Stan were slow swimming and socializing for the last 10-15 minutes of the session. And, we saw Gracie, Maury and Bailey pair swimming slowly together. After a quick breakfast, we grabbed all of our gear and retuned to Bailey’s Key. After…
Early AM Dolphin Data and early Evening Night Snorkel!
11 Mar 2020

Early AM Dolphin Data and early Evening Night Snorkel!

Another good session for data collection was had this morning. It was overcast with a light rain, but the underwater visibility was good and facilitated about 30 min of video data. We watch the video collected each day and it offers a different perspective to collecting the data from above water during the sessions. You can see so much more from the underwater video. It’s like a whole other world watching how the dolphins interact and sometimes include Kathleen in their games. Of course, it was also difficult not to play with Dory and her seaweed offerings! Of course, Ronnie tried to get Kathleen to play while she was recording (pictured)! The late morning saw us having a discussion about…
Maya Key Monday … and dolphin data!
10 Mar 2020

Maya Key Monday … and dolphin data!

We got what we wished for last night … no rain and decent underwater visibility allowed for a 34-minute underwater data collection session at Bailey’s Key this morning! We saw just about everyone except French and Champ underwater. Tank spent time with his mom, Bailey, as well as with Stan. You can see Bailey and Tank in this photo. The underwater current was stronger than yesterday, which gave Kathleen a strong workout! And the dolphins were social and active. It was a good morning! Nicole went to Maya Key today with the AKR picnic team. She snorkeled and saw the Christmas tree worms, and trumpet fish. Underwater visibility at Maya Key was really good. Snorkeling was followed by a delicious…
Dolphin Data Collection and some added fun!
09 Mar 2020

Dolphin Data Collection and some added fun!

We woke to the sound of the surf but not the patter of rain drops! The rain had stopped in the night, if only long enough for our data collection session! I was in the water by 7:05 AM after having introduced Nicole to the dolphins from above the water at Bailey’s Key. You can see Stan and two friends waiting for me to enter the water in this blog photo. The underwater visibility was really good, even though the current picked up while I was making observations and had to swim hard to get back to the platform. We reviewed the morning video after breakfast and had a great conversation with two other guests (Sue and Kathryn). Since it…
So much can change in less than 24 hours!!
08 Mar 2020

So much can change in less than 24 hours!!

We, and by we, I mean Nicole and me, are in a room on Anthony’s Key where the waves and wind are pounding and liquid is falling from the sky! We are settled in and hoping the rain stops for tomorrow’s data collection session. Sadly, the student group had to postpone their week field course with DCP to Roatan for this week. This decision was made yesterday afternoon. Nicole was already on Roatan, so I flew down to meet her and we plan to collect data on dolphin behavior and other activities each day! We have spent much of the afternoon unpacking and chatting about dolphins and dolphin behavior and the facility and walking around Anthony’s Key. Our dinner was…
DCP home page
06 Mar 2020

Roatan or bust! DCP’s 3rd field course for the year!

This year will have me/DCP visiting Roatan four times! And my second trip begins tomorrow morning! I will meet up with the Professors Heather Hill and Melissa Karlin from St. Mary’s University (StMU) and their students either at the Roatan airport or at Anthony’s Key Resort. Any of you who would like to follow along with our week of data collection and in-the-field learning can do so through DCP’s home page blog (see photo)! We promise to share our daily exploits with everyone each night! For now, I need to finish packing and confirming all the gear is ready to go. Dixie and Baloo – our mini and micro seabeagles – would like to join me as they keep dropping…

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