Bimini 08 Swim Camp

This week has not included boat time, but that has given us a little time off, a little video time, a little photo-ID time and more... 

We also had the opportunity to assist at a local swim camp, where folks from the Bimini Biological Field Station (aka SharkLab) gave the kids a casual talk on the sharks of Bimini.  Tabby & Adam then visited the Shark Lab today (thanks SharkLab!) while Kel chatted with Chicago area teachers onboard the Shedd Aquarium’s research vessel.  It’s been a great land-based week!  More dolphin trips begin on Sunday. 

Until then,

Kel, Tabby & Adam

 Bimini 2008 White Blotch

Today was redemption day!  Not a squall in sight, we headed out early.  We have very few morning trips, so we know what to expect even less than our afternoon attempts to observe the wild dolphins of Bimini, The Bahamas.  No one onboard was disappointed though as we saw White Blotch (#29) with her own calf (who is getting older), #84 (who is now independent of mom, #57) and a very young male juvenile. 

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 Well, our passenger talk went wonderfully (thanks everyone!), but unfortunately, the dolphin trip that afternoon was cancelled due to severe thunderstorms.  So, we headed out Wednesday desperate for some dolphins.  Unfortunately, all we got was a “swim-by” from some shy/uninterested bottlenose.  That meant that today we were really eager to see some dolphins – and dolphins we saw!  Including, the unfamiliar juvenile, spotted ID#88, whose photo we wanted to include, but the computer isn't cooperating...


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 Saturday’s trip was a success, although the dolphins were only sporadically interested in us observing them under water.  We did see Lil’ Jess (#35), Cerra (#38), Stefran (#82), un-named #86 and the injured calf from 20 June.  We’re not veterinarians, but it looks like the peduncle injury is continuing to heal well...  

Sunday & Monday we battled what seemed like an endless string of squalls...

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Well, today marked the end of this “dolphin week,” and although we did not get any video data, we did observe Romeo (#10), Lil’ Jess (#35), a sub-adult and a very old adult from the bow.  It was a nice end to a good week & we were all pleased that the winds died down a bit.  A big thank you to all this week’s guests – their enthusiasm was contagious!  We hope that you all enjoy following along with DCP & the Bimini dolphins long after you’ve returned home.  

Tomorrow will be a day off, but hopefully we’ll be back on the water on Saturday! 

-Kel, Tabby & Adam

Before we left the dock today the boat captain warned us that today would likely be a surface observation-only day – it looked to be too rough to get in the water.  So, we looked for dolphins for about an hour & a half, then anchored close to shore for the next hour & a half.  While the guests snorkeled, we stayed on the lookout for passing dolphins.  None came, but we cruised north for a bit longer before turning south & heading home.  Then, just when we were nearly ready to write the day off, the dolphins appeared off the bow.  We were losing light, so we quickly hopped in the water.  We’ll have some ID’ing to do when we review the video, but we definitely saw Cerra (#38) and un-named #86.  About 15 minutes into the swim, the dolphins swam off & the captain called us back to the boat – which was good timing, since Kel was covered in mystery stings!  Just one of the hazards of dolphin research.... 

More tomorrow,

Kel, Tabby & Adam


 It’s been a busy two days here in Bimini.  Monday & Tuesday mornings were spent logging video – this is the process by which we review video data & note which dolphins are in view at any given moment.  It is a very time consuming process, but it is the first step in almost any analysis – so we make sure to do it well once, so that other DCP researchers already know who they are looking at!  We are happy to report that the mystery spotted adult male hanging out with the bottlenose on Sunday was in fact...(drum roll please)...#75!    

We also spent some time talking with passengers about DCP’s work & their questions and had afternoon boat trips.  We’ve seen some bottlenose and some spotteds (Finn #09, Romeo #10, Tim #69, Stefran #82 and un-named #86).  We also saw the injured calf from 20 June – this injury is healing very well!  

More soon,

Kel, Tabby & Adam

 Bimini Tt06

 Today we headed out with a new group of dolphin passengers.  We were watching the radar all morning, as the last two days were squall filled.  Luckily we found the dolphins early.  It was a group of 12 bottlenose with a single, adult, male spotted dolphin.  This is atypical for Bimini.  When we do see mixed species groups, it is normally a couple of bottlenose dolphins joining a spotted group.  We’ll have to review the video & try to identify the spotted....Included in the group was Tt06 (pictured here).  The ride home included a stop to anchor to ride out a pretty intense squall.  Luckily, it was fast moving & we were back to the dock, safe & sound.  Tomorrow we hopefully head out of trip #26, but not before logging some video & giving our weekly presentation to passengers.  Be sure to check out the post below for a new addition – we’ve been singing it (or trying to) all day! 

 Until tomorrow,

 Kel, Tabby & Adam


Well, we headed on dolphin trip #23 yesterday.  The day started with bottlenose, then went to lots of searching, searching & searching, then including another quick glimpse of the bottlenose and finally the spotted dolphins appeared.  We saw Finn (#09), Romeo (#10), Tina (#14) White Blotch (#29), Niecey (#48) and un-named #84 & 86.  They weren’t staying in one spot, so we didn’t get too much video or photo data, but there was a very small calf (< 3 months old), so that’s always good to see.  On the way, it almost looked like White Blotch was going to ride the bow all the way to the dock!  At the last minute she turned away & we all said goodnight.


 The Bodine Bulldog summer camp kids sent in a few of their own dolphin questions.  Click “Read More” to see their questions & our answers. 

Until next time,

Kel, Tabby & Adam

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 The 2008 Bimini interns are here!  There wasn’t much time to settle in before they were thrown into the water.  Adam got his first chance to see the Bimini Road (aka Atlantis) & we all got a good look at a group of bottlenose and spotteds.  Again the spotteds made us wait until the very end of the day, but we were able to observe Lil’ Jess (#35), Cerra (#38), un-named #86, another C5 and a very young juvenile.  It was great for Tabby to get back in the water (she was here last July as well) and Adam had a great first day overall.  We’re very much looking forward to working together – and exploring Bimini. 

  Another boat trip tomorrow!

Kel, Tabby & Adam


Well, today was a lot like yesterday, except that the spotted dolphins really made us practice our patience.  We left the dock shortly after 1600, and quickly came upon a small group of bottlenose dolphins.  I haven’t downloaded the pictures yet, so I’ll have to see if I can recognize anyone.  Then we spent a LOT of time searching and just when everyone had given up hope, the spotted dolphins arrived.  It was about 1900 and we were just off the island, when suddenly, Split Jaw (#22), White Blotch (#29), Billy (#64) and un-named #78 were on our bow.  We were able to observe the group under water for about 20 minutes before we ran out of light & had to head home.  Back on the boat, we were soon joined by Tina (#14), Nemo (#76) and Leslie (#80).  What a great day!! 

Another trip tomorrow,



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