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DCP Deep Dive: Social Bonds in Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

You’ve probably imagined dolphins having relationships much like those of us and other primates.

But, how on earth can scientists actually measure such a thing?

Join newly minted Ph.D. Dr. Nicole Danaher-Garcia as she shares more about her investigations into the social bonds among the Atlantic spotted dolphins off Bimini, The Bahamas. This program is geared toward ages 14 and up, but all are welcome.

You can prepare by watching (or re-watching!) Dr. Nicole’s spring DCP webinar on using coefficients of association to understand spotted dolphin “friendships” on YouTube, or here on the DCP website under the webinars tab.


Original Airdate: 24 Sepetmber 2020

An informal chat with DCP royalty | Episode 21


A special podcast celebrating 20 years of The Dolphin Communication Project. In this episode, Justin and Laura interview DCP royalty: Kathleen Dudzinski and Kelly Melillo-Sweeting. Hear how DCP got started after Kathleen’s humble beginnings as a movie star, and how Kelly accidentally stumbled into an 18-year career as a dolphin researcher. Also, listen as Laura asks Kathleen and Kelly a series of awkward questions she had been meaning to ask her Tinder dates. 

Hey Parents! In this episode, we make references to dating apps and adult relationships. Mostly general dating stuff – nothing explicit. It’s all very kid friendly. But just giving you the heads up! 


DCP Dolphin Lesson: How to Draw a Dolphin!

In this Dolphin Lesson, DCP intern Raina guides participants through drawing a dolphin. With dolphin body part facts thrown in along the way, this lesson is a great kick-off to our Fall 2020 Dolphin Lesson webinar line up!

You can simply watch along, or grab paper and a pencil/pen or a drawing tablet to try your hand at drawing a dolphin!

Dolphin Lessons are geared toward ages 6-13, but everyone is welcome. Nothing to do in advance – just tune and bring your questions!

Missed our earlier webinars? Check out the recordings on DCP's YouTube channel.

Or check out the other webinars under the Education tab here on the Dolphin Communication Project's website.


Original airdate: September 15, 2020

Pausing Pay It Forward

Thank you everyone who participated in our "Pay It Forward" Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin campaign! We hope everyone enjoyed their adoption "e-kits." After 5 months of donated e-kits, we're pausing this program to focus on our fall webinar lineup. Your financial support ensures webinars stay free. Be sure to tune in this Thursday, 10 September at 1 p.m. EDT, for a Deep Dive reboot: Drs. Bernd & Melany Wuersig discuss mentorship (Zoom link:

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Congrats, Dr. Nicole!

Earlier today, our PhD student, Nicole Danaher-Garcia successfully defended her dissertation! Using data from 2003 – 2018, Nicole successfully painted a picture of the social bonds among Atlantic spotted dolphins off Bimini. DCP could not be more proud – our face muscles are sore from smiling! Congratulations to Dr. Danaher-Garcia and thank you to her entire UMass Dartmouth committee.

Curious about Nicole’s project? Click here for the recording in which Nicole discusses Chapter 2, which has already been published, in a DCP webinar from the spring. And, stay tuned for more chapters in an upcoming webinar.

Congrats again, Dr. Danaher-Garcia! We just can’t say it enough!

Webinars Return September 2020!

Guess what?! DCP Webinars will be back with brand new content in September! Woo-who!

Dolphin Lessons will be scheduled most 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month, at 1:00 p.m. ET. 

Deep Dives will be most 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month, also at 1:00 p.m. ET.

Remember, Dolphin Lessons are geared toward elementary ages and Deep Dives are for 14+, but everyone is welcome! Stay tuned for the exact schedule and topics. And, catch up on previously recorded programs on our YouTube channel

An International Master in Large Marine Vertebrates Sciences!
20 Aug 2020

An International Master in Large Marine Vertebrates Sciences!

A new international Master Program on Large Marine Vertebrates is now open from the University of Bologna.
You can find a short description of the program below and the link to the webpage, where you can find more details. DCP’s Kathleen Dudzinski is one of the instructors who will focus on behavior and lead the field course portion of the program (see below).
This first level Master in Large Marine Vertebrate Sciences is an International program, held in English, specifically designed to give professionals and young graduates theoretical knowledge on a large variety of aspects of large marine vertebrate management and conservation, starting from the basics (physiology, biology, anatomy, etc.) and including more specific topics, like welfare, diseases and pathology, legislation concerning marine vertebrates, monitoring, management in the wild and under human care, as well as communication and scientific writing skills.
The special strength of this Master Course is its practical approach, allowing the participants to get in contact with/to immerse into the current work of different entities involved in the study and management of large marine vertebrates, both in the wild and under human care, with a 20 CFU (500 hours) internship and with a mandatory, immersive field research trip with the Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) to the DCP Director’s research field site on Roatan, Honduras.

For more information on this 18-month program (including pre-requisites and cost), please visit the Master description page here and/or the Master web page here.


Word Jumble: Dolphin Species (Round 1)

New Kids Science Activity Alert!

Click here to download our latest KSA - a jumble activity focused on dolphin species. A big thank you to remote volunteer Olivia for her design and remote intern Raina for the artwork. 

Interested in more free activities? Just head to our Kids Science Activities page by clicking here or navigating the Education tab above. 

DCP's 20th Anniversary!!
29 Jun 2020

DCP's 20th Anniversary!!

The Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) is 20 years old! John Anderson, Director of Terramar Productions and long-time collaborator and supporter of DCP, created (filmed, edited, produced) a celebratory film for DCP's 20th anniversary!
Grab a beverage and some popcorn and join Kathleen, Kel, and our team of supporters, collaborators, and students as we remember the "early days" and share how we began, where we've been, and what we envision for the future! Thank you to everyone who has made the past 20 years possible! And, stay tuned for the next 20 years!

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