What predators and threats do the dolphins you study face?

In the Bahamas, spotted dolphins have to be on the look out for three species of sharks. The hammerhead shark, the tiger shark and the bull shark. Their best defense against these sharks is avoidance. Contrary to popular belief, dolphins do not seek out shark interactions. If they should be threatened by sharks, however, they can defend themselves with their strong rostrums and powerful flukes. Also, sharks in this area tend to travel alone, while dolphins travel in groups-anywhere from 3-30 dolphins. The more dolphins, the more eyes, ears and echolocation to keep an “eye” out for sharks! Aside from sharks, spotted dolphins in the Bahamas have to be concerned about fast boats. Boats that are driven erratically and fast than the dolphins can swim (up to 25 mph), put the dolphins at risk for painful and sometimes fatal propeller wounds. Improperly used and discarded fishing hooks and lines can also cause grave injuries to the dolphins. An important reason to remember to keep our oceans clean!