Job Opportunities

The Dolphin Communication Project does not have any vacancies or job opportunities available at present. We often receive queries from people interested in working with us, and many are surprised to learn that DCP is run almost exclusively by volunteers. Our core team consists of our Director, Kathleen Dudzinski, Research Associate and Bimini Research Manager, Kelly Melillo-Sweeting, and our Senior Research Associate (and web guru) Justin Gregg. Working together with a handful of outside associates/volunteers, the DCP team is responsible for creating all of the educational and website content, collecting and analyzing all of the data from our various research sites, overseeing interns, volunteers and students, traveling to conferences to present our research findings, and writing and publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, and other science publications. All of these tasks are taken care of in the core team’s “free time,” and only small stipends or reimbursements are provided to DCP research associates, if funding is available. DCP is, and has always been, a labor of love; a result of our researchers’ desire to learn more about dolphin behavior, dolphin science generally, and to share our results with the general public. The limited funding that DCP does receive from our fundraising efforts or adoption kit sales is usually used to purchase more modern research equipment or travel to our field sites or conferences, and not destined for researchers’ salaries. Thus, it is unlikely that DCP will have job opportunities available in the near future. We do welcome queries from those interested in volunteering or interning with DCP, and would most certainly welcome donations from those wishing to help us with our research and education efforts.

For details related to volunteering or interning, please check out the Get Involved menu option. To donate to DCP, check out the several donate buttons on the site! Thanks!